The AIME Center is an expansive, state-of-the-art facility with flexible space that can be configured to suit your exact needs. This full-service center offers everything you need to run a seamless event while impressing your guests with its modern design.

Each customizable room includes advanced audio-visual and information technology equipment, as well as on-site tech and event support.


Thirty-two office/exam rooms (95 sq. ft. each) with computer equipment, iPad charging stations, built-in microphones, and side cameras for audio and visual remote observation


Twenty-four customizable multi-purpose meeting/exam rooms (135 sq. ft. each) that offer full technical capabilities as well as overhead cameras and microphones for panoramic remote surveillance


Multi-purpose dining/conference space for 150 guests (2,800 sq. ft.) connected to the catering kitchen—includes extra-large presentation monitor, mobile monitor, laptop, lectern with a built-in microphone, integrated overhead microphones, sound system and cameras


Full-service catering kitchen with commercial-grade appliances


Portable tables and chairs allow for customized seating layouts


Stunning views of Midtown, downtown Raleigh and the oak-laden landscape from conference room, meeting spaces and lounge areas


Two distinct reception areas and adjacent orientation/breakout rooms are located on either side of the elevator lobby for separate welcome/check-in locations


Two wellness rooms, equipped with sinks and compact refrigerators