Patient Exam Simulations

The AIME Center’s new simulated patient exam area provides 24 clinical patient exam rooms designed for healthcare professionals to learn and practice communication, professional and technical skills in a safe and supportive environment. 

With the assistance of our Standardized Patient Program consisting of 30 highly skilled and trained Standardized Patients, The AIME Center’s simulated patient exam rooms are designed to offer a realistic clinical scenario for candidates to demonstrate hands-on proficiency. 

Our simulation center features:

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Twenty-four simulated patient exam rooms


Rooms fully stocked with all equipment to simulate healthcare scenarios


Overhead cameras to capture interactions


Hall cameras to record station circuit encounters


Secure storage spaces for large equipment


Expansive Standardized Patient Program


Loading dock availability


Private wellness rooms


Technology packages to suit your needs*


Ultrasound machines available*

*Additional fee required

Each of our 125 – 146 sq. ft. Standardized Patient exam rooms is outfitted with all the supplies needed for healthcare simulations, including a gurney, examination stools, supplies cabinet, medical supplies, bedding, towels, hand sanitizers, tissues, a charging station and clocks. Access to all the necessary equipment simplifies the planning process and day-of logistics.

How to use our space:

Our space is adaptable and provides solutions for various testing and assessment needs. Medical education institutions can utilize the space for their Objective Structured Clinical Examinations. In addition, the space offers healthcare stakeholders a training environment for new medical products and devices. 

Reach out to us if you have questions about how our space can be adaptable for your next simulation, exam or training.