Standardized Patient Program

Standardized Patients are highly skilled independent specialists trained to portray various scenarios that enable growth and development in standardized settings. Training with Standardized Patients can enhance your students’ or employees’ communication skills and professional interactions.

Who should use our Standardized Patient Program?

Health Providers & Medical Boards

The AIME Center offers a robust and long-standing Standardized Patient Program to provide fellow healthcare providers and medical boards with communication and professional case-study clinical scenarios and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations to ensure standardization in clinical training.   

Professional Organizations & Companies

Is your organization looking for a way to enhance communication skills and professional interactions? The AIME Center’s Standardized Patient Program is here to help ensure your success. Potential organizations that can benefit from our program include law firms, professional associations, business management, finance, HR and IT consultancies, law enforcement and more. 

What are the benefits of our SPECIALIZED PATIENT Program?

We provide access to our highly trained Standardized Patients to enhance simulated learning environments in a safe and secure space while leading the way in communication and clinical training and assessments.

Program highlights include:


Turnkey training & assessment solutions


Up to 30 highly trained Standardized Patients of various ages, races and genders


24 simulated patient exam rooms with integrated technology & ceiling-mounted cameras for real-time observation


32 office rooms with computer equipment, iPad charging stations, built-in microphones and three wall/ceiling-mounted cameras for audio and visual remote observation


Several observation rooms to examine live streams of interactions


Access to additional equipment & technology


Clinical scenario consultative services


Sample scripts & scoring rubrics for clinical scenarios and assessment needs

Our expansive Standardized Patient Program enables your organization with the tools to expand education and learning opportunities. Our team of experts is here to assist you in creating a Standardized Patient program that meets the needs of your event or assessment.